A downloadable work, job, game-jam for Windows and macOS

This is a game for the Philly Game Mechanics' Work Game Jam event.

Press Alt-Tab to start the game and toggle between screen. Play a platformer or do your excel homework.  If you start to hear your boss' footsteps, Alt-Tab to the excel screen and finish the required work on that sheet before your boss gets mad at you. But if you die playing the game, the game is also over.

Project Manager & QA:  Corey Arnold

Sound Engineer:  Alex Cole

Developers:  Kotaro Fujita, Aaron Bilenky,  Daniel Jung

Special shout out to Rob Elper for providing the voice to the Boss

Please Note: Because this was a game jam game, please expect a lot of bugs and rough edges.


Alt-Tab - Mac 30 MB
Alt-Tab - Windows 24 MB